Catch a live view of the fishing boats that deliver our fresh seafood. Click a boat, or its location on the map to
learn more about it and where it has traveled.


We source our fresh oysters from Prestige Oysters, a second-generation, family-owned and operated business specializing in oysters for decades. Prestige takes pride in its seafood by investing in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the year they recycle oyster shells into the bays and in the early summer months when oysters spawn, they set out tons of rock and cultch material which helps create new reefs and a substrate that not only produces premium oysters but also increases water quality creating a healthy habitat for fish, crabs, and other organisms. Check out to learn more about the quality oysters from this family-run business leading the oyster industry in safe, viable gulf oysters.


You’ll find delicious catfish at Shucks. We purchase our catfish from Superior Catfish – farmed by a colony of Mennonites in Macon, Mississippi. Superior Catfish all began with a man named Bill Saul and his family digging a hole for a pond to use for irrigation for his produce. They decided to stock the pond with catfish in the winter when no irrigation was needed.

Together with his children, they processed their catfish by hand and marketed them locally along with their produce. It was an immediate success. Through hard work and dedication, Superior Catfish, produces and delivers a mild-tasting catfish that keeps us coming back for more! We want the BEST for our Shucks customers, and we believe we’ve found
that with Superior Catfish.

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fresh crawdads


We source our domestic wild-caught crab legs from Trident Seafood. Trident fishes the icy cold waters of Alaska as they have done for over 40 years. They control every step of the process with one goal: to deliver the
finest seafood available.

Have you seen the tv show “Deadliest Catch”? Trident’s boats are contracted by the “Deadliest Catch” off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea!


Our award-winning crawfish comes from Frugé Seafood, a 3,500-acre crawfish farm located in Branch, Louisiana – west of Lafayette. Frugé was created by two fishermen looking to pay their way through college. They have now become the leading wholesaler in the market! The quality of the crawfish from Frugé is always their number one priority, as it is to us! We even sent our CEO Nick Peterson to Frugé’s crawfish farm to watch the
entire crawfish process work.

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