Where the Shuck do we CATCH our seafood?


Since 1983 we’ve been committed to serving Dallas the best, freshest seafood from local communities that we truly believe in. When we select our oysters, our crab legs or catfish we want to make sure we are finding the BEST in around!


We source our fresh oysters from Jeri’s Seafood, a three generation, family owned and operated business specializing in oysters since 1970. Jeri’s builds and maintains their own reefs from Texas to Louisiana and are known for being the leading producer of sustainably grown and harvested, quality oysters. Check them out at for more information on the quality oysters we serve from this family owned company.



Have you seen the tv show “Deadliest Catch”? We source our domestic wild caught crab from Trident Seafood. Trident uses boats contracted by the “Deadliest Catch” off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea!




Our award winning crawfish comes from Frugé Seafood, a 3,500 acre crawfish farm located in Branch, Louisiana - west of Lafayette. Frugé was created by two fishermen looking to pay their way through college and has now become the leading wholesaler in the market! The quality of the crawfish from Frugé is always their number one priority, as it is to us! We even sent our CEO Nick Peterson a few years back to Frugé’s crawfish farm to watch the entire crawfish process work.




You’ll find delicious Catfish at Shucks. We purchase our catfish from Superior Catfish - farmed by a colony of Mennonites in Macon, Mississippi. Superior Catfish all began with a man named Bill Saul and his family digging whole for pond to to use for irrigation for his produce. They decided to stock the pond with catfish in the winter when no irrigation was needed. Together with his children, they processed their catfish by hand and marketed them locally along with their produce. It was an immediate success, and the first processing plant in Noxubee County was soon to follow. Through hard work and dedication from every department, Saul’s company, Superior Catfish, produces and delivers a mild tasting catfish that keeps us coming back for more! We want the BEST for our Shucks costumers and we believe we found that with Superior Catfish.




Shucks proudly serves wild caught shrimp straight from the Gulf of Mexico. Bubba was right (Forrest Gump reference). Shrimp is really the fruit of the sea… We’ve got cold boiled shrimp, chipotle shrimp tacos, shrimp kabobs, coconut shrimp, shrimp cocktail….




The salmon for our dishes is fresh caught, never frozen, Atlantic salmon. When you step in the doors of any of our Shucks locations, you’ll see our proud heritage of fishermen throughout the decades. Bob (our late founder) loved to fish and quality seafood. His legacy lives on through Shucks commitment to always serving fresh seafood from around the nation.

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